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All the ingredients you need for a web portal under one roof.  JOOJ Web Portal is unique to other scripts. It combines multiple scripts from JOOJ Scripts™ to give you a powerful, multi-tasking platform that amplifies the use of each script taken at face value and gives the visitor an interactive lively environment.

JOOJ Web Portal allows your users to access all the integrated services through a single login/registration process. It helps you to run an ad enabled portal like Yahoo/MSN with your minimal effort and cost.JOOJ Web Portal uses allows you to combine many scripts to form a powerful platform. Combine Many under one – REAL ESTATE SCRIPT, HOTEL RESERVATION SCRIPT, AUTOS SCRIPT, DIRECTORY SCRIPT, MUSIC SCRIPT, REGIONS NEWS SCRIPT, SOCIAL NETWORK SCRIPT, MEDIA SCRIPT, ANSWERS SCRIPT, COUPONS SCRIPT, JOBS SCRIPT AND MORE to provide news and related content.. Multiple themes are available to the script owner from the back-end admin area of the script.


Every day, thousands of people around the globe choose to make JooJ Script a part of their daily digital routines. And we are committed to bringing users the best products and the most immersive digital experiences, personalized to their interests, across screens and platforms.

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Many Scripts in One

JOOJ Web Portal Script.

Time! Time is the most important factor for people, sometimes due to lack of time people don’t surf different categories websites such as news, ecommerce, music to get information. So the concept came into existence “JOOJ Web Portal”. Website that brings information from various sources at one point on a single website is Web Portal Site. A Web portal can also be referred as a Website or service that offers a wide range of services, such as mailing services, forums, search engines, online shopping malls and news.

Nowadays idea behind any successful business is an effective online presence in customer’s eye. In order to sustain this, it would be highly recommended for business enterprise to have all their diverse information at one place under one brand name rather than various branding. This will built an easy way for visitors, who visit only to gather relevant


Web portal script promises to deliver consistent information and manages platform altogether that will provide organize data from different sources in an integrated manner. With the ease of navigation and different integrated services at one stop, web portals can successfully funnel more traffic to your business. Moreover it will help users with a huge span of services with one login. The main focus of web portal is to give consistent look for various categories and all the information is obtained from one single web portal that saves time, and people gets various information through that portal. There are many web portals available in market and here are some public portal listed over internet.

  • AOL
  • iGoogle
  • MSN
  • Yahoo

JOOJ  is one of the very popular and famous web portals available in market and has good reputation too. Day by day yahoo is improving their portal and making user friendly, Yahoo is also one of the competitor search engine among many search engine available in market. If you are seeking to develop web portal and searching for reputed company, s is the best company that offer 100% unique web portal site clones with ownership and copyright



JOOJ Web Portal


JOOJ Web Portal is a web portal script and an inspired clone script of Yahoo web portal. It combines our multiple scripts to give you a powerful, multi-tasking platform that amplifies the use of each script taken at face value and gives the visitor an interactive lively environment. JOOJ Web Portal allows your users to access all the integrated services through a single login/registration process. It helps you to run an ad enabled portal like Yahoo/MSN with your minimal effort and cost.

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Real Estate Site
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Real Estate is an easy, flexible and simple property management solution ideal for business start-ups, property websites of newspapers etc that provides a common roof for buyers, sellers, renters and agents.

Our Script can hold any number of users, their listings and agents. We have designed the script with focus on providing the business owner a clean & consistent revenue generation from multiple resources thus ensuring a strong growth of your business.

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JOOJ Music allows you to create your own music streaming website in minutes with no coding knowledge. It has an impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses other biggest streaming services on the market.

JOOJ Music Engine Script is an online script that displays intelligent results on the screen so that the visitor can listen and add to playlist of the selected song. The user can see artist bios, top tracks, save playlist in local browser and more.
JOOJ Music Engine have a technology “Radio Mode”: the user can discover new songs and artist in inteligent mode and create automatic playlist.
All this with AJAX technology to improve the user experience.

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Music Site
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Answers Site
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Robust JOOJ Questions and Answers script with large feature set to suit your needs. This scripts takes the q&a concept to the next level. Easy to setup and get going in minuets.

Fully Responsive layout to fit with the device your site is being viewed on. Allows for a great user experience no matter what! Requires no extra plugins and supports Widgets, Menus, Custom Backgrounds, Settings and more.

Not only helps you create a Q&A website but also inspires your community to share their knowledge

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Car Dealer / Auto Dealer / Automotive Script best suits for car dealership or automotive companies that buy / sell / lease their vehicles online. This automotive script connects both dealers (even if its independent car owner) and customers who are willing to buy a vehicle.

  • We can not imagine our life without move, it is even impossible!
  • We make a move mostly every second, every minute…always.
  • We can not imagine our life without drive!
  • This idea brings to your attention a new child of JOOJ Script activity and productivity – Car Dealership / Automotive Script
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Auto Site
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Coupons Site
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Coupon-X3 is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons script It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites. Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with Coupon-X3 script for coupons, discounts and deals.

It is fully responsive, SEO optimised, followed latest web technologies based on Bootstrap framework, clean code and light speed fast. Coupon-X3 using premium PSD design for coupons, discount and deals valued 13$, it is included with this package.

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Directory the Multi-purpose Script is an absolutely unique premium Script theme, it is the result of our hardworking development team and constant feedbacks from users and buyers. This Script is built in cooperation with you! Your users will never have access to the Script dashboard, everything is done at front-end. You can, register, login, edit your profile, submit listings and Filtering and sorting search results so much more from the front-end without having to visit the Script dashboard.

And if this isn’t enough, with local and Global Business Directory Listing theme, your users not just only manage their existing listings from the frontend, they can also decide to update and delete their listings. Directory Multi-purpose Responsive Script is a Content Driven Portal that is ideal for listing of any kind of entity or activity on a Local or Global basis.

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Directory Site
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Social Site
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Extremely flexible, Fully customizable Social script to fit your demanding needs. You no longer need to be a professional developer or designer to create an awesome website. Easily create a stunning community, company presentation or membership website. Let your imagination run wild and create the site of your dreams. JS-Social has all the tools to get you started.

Start your own social media website, gather your own crowd, build a fan base, advertise and prosper in social media. Your users have profiles, friends, groups, journals, chat and all the other bells and whistles in social media which makes this Facebook clone or Google plus clone script a state of the art social networking script.

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Pinterest is a photo sharing website and its a free website that requires registration to use and users can upload, save, sort, and manage images known as pins. JOOJ Media is an inspired clone of Pinterest which allows users to share images and videos. Inout StickBoard acts as a personalized and attractive social media platform.

A visual pinning tool that helps pinners to build and save awesome stuffs. Inspired clone of Pinterest. JOOJ Media is a pin and board style social photo and video sharing software that allows users to establish and manage image collections/albums such as love, events, interests, hobbies, and more

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Media Site
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News Site
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User Dashboard
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Baby Magazine
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Finance Magazine
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Health Magazine
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Video (Youtube Clone)
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Celebrities Magazine
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Sports Magazine
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